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30x5mm steel grating factories

'Some of the regions steelmakers and small manufacturers found the Trump administrations 25% tariff slapped on imports almost two years ago was not the business boost they were promised. Customers accustomed to paying a certain price for their products were not keen on seeing costs jump because of the tariffs razor barbed wire exporter , company officials said. I thought it was going to be a much better overall process for us, but it turned out to be a slightly negative impact, said James Philipkosky, chief executive of MLP Steel in Scottdale. With tariffs raising the price of foreign steel which had served as a regulator in the marketplace domestic prices jumped 20% in the second and third quarters of 2018, said Philipkosky, whose company operates Fayette Custom Wire Products in Scottdale and Laurel Custom Grating in nearby Everson. Because of stiff competition, MLP could not pass along 100% of the price increases to customers when steel prices in the United States actually went up quite a bit, Philipkosky said. The combined plants, with between 45 and 50 employees, are steel-intensive in their products. Fayette Custom Wire buys large spools of U.S.-made wire and makes it into products used in roads, bridges, buildings and vehicles. Laurel Custom Grating turns carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys into heavy-duty drainage grates used on roads and bridges. Were competing with multi-national companies that have a broader base, said Philipkosky, who purchased the former Marwas Steel Co. in Scottdale in January 2008. Small manufacturers like MLP Steel are not large enough to hedge their bets on tariffs or amass steel inventory three to six months in advance before prices increases that follow tariffs, Philipkosky said. But, the company had the space to store some of the lower-priced inventory in its warehouse, he noted. If youre not big enough, you cant hedge it. If there is a downturn, company officials said. I thought it was going to be a much better overall process for us w type palisade fence , said Philipkosky, who grew up in Long Branch, Washington County. He went on to earn business and engineering degrees from Harvard and Columbia universities before becoming a successful venture capitalist. On the bright side, things are stable for growth, Philipkosky said. Exemption sought The tariffs made it tougher for Ed Sikoras JATCO Machine & Tool Co. Inc. in Bellevue, which manufactures precision thermoplastic injection moulds for Fortune 500 companies. The company experienced the same hit on production costs. His company relies on the imported finished steel from China for the injection moulding parts because it is cheaper than making it here, Sikora said. We cant afford to absorb that cost, so the company had to pass along the increase to its customers, Sikora said. It made sure in its billing to attribute the price hike to the tariffs, said Sikora, executive director of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Tooling & Machine Association. Neither have the tariffs made life easier for a $4 billion company like Pittsburgh-based Allegheny Technologies Inc., a stainless steel firm, which is seeking an exemption from the tariffs. Robert Weatherbee, Allegheny Technologies CEO, said last week ATI needs the exemptions for nickel-bearing stainless steel slabs from Indonesia, which it uses for its stainless steel plant in Midland, Beaver County. Without those exemptions, the plant may be forced to close within months because of higher production costs, Weatherbee said. The Trump administration last April rejected a similar exemption request. Tariff supporters From the perspective of the American Iron and Steel Institute, but it turned out to be a slightly negative impact concrete wire mesh quotes , D.C., Trumps use of the Section 232 trade remedy has helped create a more favorable climate for steel, with imports declining and shipments and production rising since the tariffs implementation, said Lisa Harrison, a vice president for AISI. Imports make up a smaller part of the steel market, Harrison said, even though that has softened in the last few months. The U.S. imported 24.7 million metric tons of steel for the first 10 months of 2019, down 16% compared to the same period in 2018, according to the Census Bureau. Imports in 2017 reached 34.6 million metric tons, according to the U.S. International Trade Administration. As an indication of the success of the tariffs, shipments of U.S. steel mill products were higher in 2018 than in 2017 and are up for 2019, compared to the same period in 2017, Harrison said. Several idled steel mills have been restarted, and American producers have announced plans to invest in new steelmaking capacity, she added. While the current utilization rates of steel mills are improving, they are still far below the decade prior to the recession, Harrison said. Global steel overcapacity continues to be driven by unfair trade practices, government-owned and controlled steel industries, and other trade distortions, said James Philipkosky expanded metal sheet manufacturer , national field coordinator for the non-profit Coalition for a Prosperous America, who praised the tariffs on steel. Mr. Trump is correcting our trade problems, Bush said.\n', 'In business, whether youre looking for supplies, access to key markets, skilled employees or land to expand, location matters. And thats exactly why one Wetaskiwin company has made this community home for close to half a century. Vulcraft Canada Inc. is part of Nucor Corporation, a North Carolina-based producer of steel and related products. The largest steel producer and largest mini-mill steelmaker in the United States, Nucor is also the biggest recycler of scrap in North America. Vulcraft is a key supplier of open web steel joists, deck, girders and steel bar grating all over North America. The Wetaskiwin plant opened its doors around 45 years ago, and after several transitions, joined Nucor family in 2007 as Nucor Grating, before becoming part of the Vulcraft Canada, within Nucor Corporation, in 2021. Over those 45 years, the manufacturing footprint at the Wetaskiwin facility has doubled to 100,000 square feet. Here, skilled trades work together to produce grating and then customize the product for customer needs all over Western Canada. The companys longevity, growth and employment roster has ensured Vulcraft enjoys a high profile locally. Pretty much everyone knows about this facility in one way or another, says Abrar Haq, Vulcrafts Plant Operations Manager. Over 45 years, the manufacturing footprint at Vulcrafts Wetaskiwin facility has doubled to 100,000 square feet. The right location is essential The community makes sense for Vulcraft on several fronts. Wetaskiwins central location , with easy access to numerous transportation corridors, makes it easy to serve clients when and where needed, Haq says. At the same time, the city is also home to a skilled workforce individuals who appreciate the opportunity to forge a career with a responsible company, near their homes and families. We have team members who have been with us for almost the full 45 years, and many others who have worked here for 20 or 30 years, Haq says. Among the sources of pride for the company and its team is their exceptional safety record more than 500,000 hours without a recordable incident at the time of writing. Like other aspects of the companys success, this record is a real team effort. Safety is Nucors number one priority and that teammates go home safely everyday. Among the sources of pride for Vulcraft and its team is their exceptional safety record more than 500,000 hours without a recordable incident at the time of writing. As the company continues to find new ways to serve its existing and emerging markets, innovation is key and that means investing in both manufacturing technology and its team, Haq notes, pointing to a recent investment of more than $600,000 in new equipment. The ability to work closely with the City of Wetaskiwin as needed is also a vital component to Vulcrafts continued success. I speak with the City quite often and Wetaskiwin is a very convenient and comfortable place to work and do business, Haq says. And thats sometimes not the case in other communities. This business profile is the fourth in a series from the City of Wetaskiwins Economic Development office. To learn more about initiatives to grow local business and industry, visit investwetaskiwin.ca . READ MORE: Carving out a successful business, close to home READ MORE: Manufacturing solutions in Wetaskiwin and around the world READ MORE: Home Hardware brings growth home to Wetaskiwin READ MORE: Wetaskiwin agriculture manufacturer builds global success READ MORE: Elephants, whooping cranes and Wetaskiwin?! Business and Industrial Wetaskiwin\n', 'Photo: amazon.com Most people simply place firewood on the hearth of their wood-burning fireplaces . What they dont realize is that a fireplace grate can improve the overall appearance, performance, and safety of the fireplace. Typically made of cast iron or steel spaced-out bars, a fireplace log grates legs elevate the firewood off the floor. This doesnt just improve the flow of oxygen to the fire but also enhances safety by keeping the logs from rolling out of the hearth as they burn. Some grates have curved bars that direct unburned logs toward the flames as the fire burns, while others consist of baskets that hold large volumes of wood. This guide looks at all of the important features shoppers will want to consider before buying a fireplace grate and showcases some of the best ones available. Photo: amazon.com We considered several factors when choosing the best fireplace grates, including quality of construction, design, weight, and size. We chose only those grates constructed from a single piece of forged iron or steel fireplace grates with bars that are at least 0.5 inches in diameter, ensuring that the grate can hold up to a full load of logs without bowing. With regard to design, we featured grates with at least 3 inches of clearance from the hearth floor to ensure ample airflow. We also favored grates with curved tines that secured the logs while also helping feed them to the flames. Since moving the grates regularly to clean ash is a requirement , we chose grates that are heavy enough to provide a solid base for logs but not so heavy they would be difficult to maneuver for cleaning. Our list includes fireplace grates that are maneuverable, feature durable construction, and have thoughtful designs. These models suit a broad range of sizes, so any fireplace can be ready for chilly months . With a simple design and durable wrought-iron construction, this V-shaped Amagabeli fireplace grate has seven solid steel bars. Weighing a little more than 15 pounds, this grates overall dimensions are 21 inches long by 12.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches high, making it fit most hearths. It also comes in 24-inch and 30-inch-length options. The angled bars prevent the logs from rolling off, directing them instead toward the center of the grate. The grates 4-inch legs provide plenty of air circulation to promote a good burn. An enamel coating on this Amagabeli fireplace grate protects the bars from corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor use, too. Product Specs Pros Cons Get the Amagabeli 21-inch wrought-iron fireplace grate at Amazon . This small fireplace grate from Landmann is 18 inches long by 11 inches wide by 5.63 inches high and is ideal for fireplaces, fire pits, and fire tables. Intended for burning standard fireplace logs only, this grate has four bars but also offers a few nice extras. It comes with a convenient mesh tray to hold a fire starter or kindling. Its thinner 0.5-inch steel-bar construction also makes it lighter. With a total weight of just 6 pounds, this grate is easy to move for periodic ash cleanups. The logs are elevated 3.5 inches off the floor of the hearth to improve ventilation. Product Specs Pros Cons Get the Landmann steel fireplace grate at Amazon . Offering a different take on the fireplace grate, this vertical fireplace grate from Grate Wall of Fire features a unique\xa0design of most self-feeding fireplace grates.The grate fits at the back of the hearth, pinning a stack of logs between it and the fireplaces back wall. This configuration forces the logs at the top of the stack to fall into the flames as the logs at the bottom burn and crumble. In addition to eliminating the need for any tending, this vertical fireplace configuration also burns more efficiently, creating more heat and fewer unburned pieces. Since logs are traditionally positioned at the back of wood-burning fireplaces, theres less opportunity for smoke to escape into the room. This vertical fireplace grate doesnt resemble a standard fireplace grate, so those who prefer a classic fireplace look may not like it. Product Specs Pros Cons Get the Grate Wall of Fire fireplace grate at Amazon or Grate Wall of Fire . Finding a grate to fit a smaller fireplace can be a challenge as most are designed for larger hearths. At just 13 inches long by 10 inches wide by 4 inches high, this SteelFreak grate fits smaller fireboxes and wood stoves. And, although small, its mighty, consisting of five 1.375-inch flat steel bars welded to two 10-inch bars that serve as the base. With a curved shape and flat surface, the bars hold logs securely while also pushing them toward the center of the grate. The bars rest 3 inches off the ground, providing ventilation for burning logs while still remaining low enough to suit a smaller fireplace. Product Specs Pros Cons Get the SteelFreak 13-Inch fireplace grate at Amazon or SteelFreak . Whether its Christmas, a chilly night, or a time of celebration, this SteelFreak fireplace grate is a great choice for anyone looking to burn wood in a hearth. Measuring 36 inches in length, this heavy-duty all-steel grate is extra wide and can hold several fireplace logs, providing maximum capacity inside a fireplace or a larger fire. Made in the U.S., this SteelFreak fireplace grate is constructed with locally sourced materials and has a tempered design to avoid warping and wear and tear over time. Plus, the 0.375-inch-thick bars provide added durability, providing owners a lifelong fireplace grate for open wood-burning fireplaces. Product Specs Pros Cons Get the SteelFreak 36-inch fireplace grate at Amazon or SteelFreak . Steel bars with a hexagonal design and large size make this fireplace grate from InnFinest work well for outdoor fireplaces. It consists of eight 0.75-inch-thick bars in a V formation to prevent logs and debris from falling out of the grates. At 23 inches long by 15 inches wide, it can support a large load of logs, such as those typically found in an outdoor fireplace. Each of these durable grates angled bars ensures the wood stays in the fireplace while also helping to keep the fire going by directing logs toward the center. A little more than 8.5 inches tall, it has plenty of airflow to promote a good burn. Plus, this model comes fully assembled and ready to use. Product Specs Pros Cons Get the InnFinest fireplace grate at Amazon . This round fireplace grate from Amagabeli offers a different take on the typical rectangular fireplace grate. The grate is shaped like a wheel, and its 12 metal 0.7-inch-thick bars look like spokes extending from the center of the grate. The bars are angled upward to contain burning logs, preventing them from rolling off. This design makes it easy to start a fire that produces an ample amount of heat. Four large legs elevate the grate 3.3 inches off the ground, allowing for plenty of airflow under the burning logs. Because its steel bars are protected by weather-resistant enamel paint, it works great for outdoor fire pits. Product Specs Pros Cons Get the Amagabeli 24-inch round fireplace grate at Amazon or Amagabeli . Before buying a fireplace grate, shoppers will want to understand the difference between each type and learn how size, shape, and material affect performance. All of these factors play an important role in selecting the best fireplace grate for a home. Here is a closer look at all of these factors and features along with other important characteristics to help shoppers find the right fireplace grates. There are three types of fireplace grates: bar, basket, and vertical. Bar varieties have parallel steel bars that are welded to four legs and elevate the logs a few inches off of the hearth. Basket fireplace grates are typically made from a single piece of cast iron and, while more expensive, they can hold much more wood securely. Vertical fireplace grates hold a bundle of logs in a 90-degree angle, pinning them against the rear of the hearth and dropping a fresh one down onto the embers as older ones burn, limiting the amount of smoke that can escape. A fireplace grate must fit inside the firebox of the fireplace. While a grate thats too large wont fit, a grate thats too small cannot hold enough logs. Fireboxes dont come in standard sizes, so measure the firebox of a fireplace and pay attention to the dimensions of the grate when shopping. Shoppers will want to measure the height, width, and depth of the firebox to ensure a proper fit. They will also want to measure the width in both the front and the back, as fireplaces typically taper from the front of the firebox to the back. A fireplace log grate shouldnt fit in the box like a glove; instead, it needs about 3 inches of clearance between it and the fireplace on all sides. Most fireplace grates have bars that curve upward on the front and back. This curved design is intentional, and it serves two purposes: It prevents logs from rolling off while also directing unburned ones toward the embers in the middle of the grate. As the logs burn in the fireplace, gravity guides them to the middle of the hearth, helping them burn more efficiently without the need to push the logs back into place with a poker. Most fireplace grates also taper from the front to the back to match the typical shape of a hearth for a better fit. Steel and cast-iron grates are suitable options for a fireplace. Cast-iron grates are typically made from one solid piece of metal. By contrast, steel-bar grates are usually made from multiple pieces of extruded square tubes that are welded together. Because of their single-piece construction, cast-iron grates are more durable than steel varieties, and they have excellent heat-retention properties. Cast-iron fireplace grates are also considerably heavier and more expensive than steel fireplace grates. Steel fireplace grates are cheaper but wont last as long. Some models have an enamel coating that makes them suitable for use in outdoor fireplaces and fire pits . Structurally, fireplace grates consist of bars that cradle the logs and legs that support the bars, elevating them off the base of the hearth. Most grates consist of six or seven bars. The more bars, the more securely the fireplace grate can support the wood. These bars are typically curved to keep logs at the center of the grate while also preventing them from shifting and rolling out of the hearth. Most fireplace grates have four legs to support the bars. The legs elevate the logs about 3 to 4 inches off the floor of the hearth, allowing for ventilation, which promotes a good burn. Some fireplace grates have a steel-mesh or grille-like bottom. This feature prevents small pieces of burning wood from falling through the grate and landing on the hearth. Because the mesh catches much of the ash the fire produces, it makes the fireplace grate much easier to clean . Fireplace grates that have a mesh bottom help keep a fire together, promoting a more robust, hotter burn. How the mesh is patterned typically depends on the metal used (typically steel or cast-iron varieties) to make the fireplace grate and whether the grate itself will be used to burn coal or wood. A fireplace grate for a wood-burning fireplace offers several advantages. Airflow is key to achieving a good burn in a wood-burning fireplace. Grates facilitate airflow by raising the wood off the hearth by 3 to 4 inches, allowing oxygen to circulate below the logs. A lifetime fireplace gratethe kind used for the long-termalso reduces the amount of tending needed to keep the fire burning while making it safer. The curved tines of a grate push the logs toward the burning embers, so the user doesnt have to do it manually. The bars also help contain shifting logs, reducing the risk that a burning log can roll into the room. A fireplace log grate isnt simply about improving the aesthetics and performance of a fireplace; its also about safety. Fireplace grates help keep the logs and the fire contained, reducing the chances that an ember or burning log can escape the firebox. A fireplace grate should fit the firebox well and have about 3 inches of buffer on all sides. Fireplace grates must be moved periodically to sweep up the ash that accumulates underneath. Shoppers should purchase a grate thats light enough to lift and maneuver in and out of the hearths firebox. To load a fireplace grate properly, two timbers should be placed on the grate followed by tinder and kindling. Then, additional logs can be placed on top of the tinder and kindling. A fireplace grate should never be overloaded, as too much wood could cause logs to roll off and into the room. Our guide tried to address every question or concern shoppers may have about buying the best fireplace grate. Often, some shoppers may still be left wondering whether a cast-iron grate is better than a steel one, or they may have additional maintenance-related questions. Here are answers to the most common questions about fireplace grates. Cast-iron fireplace grates are the best metal for a fireplace grate. These grates eliminate the need for welds that can potentially fail and also retain heat better than steel. Fireplace grates are measured in length and depth. A fireplace grate usually needs about 3 inches of free space around all sides to promote proper airflow. To clean a fireplace grate, any ash or soot buildup should be removed with a dry rag. Water should not be used because it can cause rust. Yes, a wood-burning fireplace can be used without a grate. A grate simply allows a fire to burn more efficiently while making it easier to manage. Bob Vila has been Americas Handyman since 1979. As the host of beloved and groundbreaking TV series including This Old House and Bob Vilas Home Again, he popularized and became synonymous with do-it-yourself home improvement. Over the course of his decades-long career, Bob Vila has helped millions of people build, renovate, repair, and live better each daya tradition that continues today with expert yet accessible home advice. The Bob Vila team distills need-to-know information into project tutorials, maintenance guides, tool 101s, and more. These home and garden experts then thoroughly research, vet, and recommend products that support homeowners, renters, DIYers, and professionals in their to-do lists.\n', 'For over 65 years, Weldlok has been providing premium quality access solutions for various industrial, commercial and civil projects across Australia. Our steel grating products cover a wide range of requirements of various industries, including coal and iron ore industries, wine and beverage manufacturing units, mines, chemical and sewerage plants, marine, drilling rigs and tourist spots among others. If you are looking for the right walkway and stairway solutions including plant access and heel-safe pedestrian access walkways for your assets, here are the top five reasons to choose Weldlok Australian Made access solutions. 1. Compliance To guarantee durability, safety, and performance, all steel grating solutions used in Australia must comply with Australian Standards. At Weldlok, we never compromise compliance. We produce the best walkway and stairway solutions in Australia that guarantee quality and safety. Most importantly, the grating meets the expectations of our customers. We design, manufacture and test all our grating products (including mild steel grating and stainless steel floor grating) and handrail systems including external handrail systems to comply with the relevant Australian Standards. Our product brochures detail the standards to which they comply, along with other quality and safety credentials. In addition, we also follow a strict HSEQ policy to ensure we provide the best in all aspects of manufacturing. 2. Variety of Materials Weldlok gives you the flexibility to choose between various steel materials for grating products that best suit your needs. At Weldlok, we use a range of materials, including stainless steel, galvanised mild steel, aluminium, and fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) to provide state-of-the-art walkway solutions for commercial needs. We also provide various surface treatments for floor grating and handrails. For instance, we offer passivated and electropolished surface treatments for stainless steel. 3. In-House Expertise In-house expertise determines the efficiency and quality of work a brand can deliver to its customers. At Weldlok, our expert team has decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing and delivering some of the most complex industrial, civil, and architectural projects. Our in-house team comprises a dedicated team of engineers, designers, detailers, architectural experts, QA, estimators, and project managers that plan, design, manufacture, test, and deliver custom-made steel grate solutions within lead times. Most importantly, they will work closely with you as your partner to help you design all kinds of handrail systems and stainless steel grating solutions with innovative ideas. 4. Production Lead Times Weldlok delivers custom-made grate solutions with competitive lead times. We provide all kinds of walkway solutions, including floor gratings, external handrails and custom gratings of the exact size, shape and specifications based on our clients needs. We have two main manufacturing units in Sydney and Perth as well as distribution facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne. It means you receive products on time without having to worry about the risks associated with unreliable importers. We also have an established Asian manufacturing facility and supply network via our NEPEAN Asia Operations that gives us the flexibility to manufacture onshore or offshore depending upon your lead times. Our hybrid supply chain allows Weldlok to customise a local/import solution to meet tight timelines and budgets. 5. Supporting Australian Made Weldlok access solutions are proudly Australian Made. We provide premium quality customised grating solutions locally, supporting the wider Australian economy. Australian steel grating products are also made to very high standards compared to some imported steel gratings. This guarantees you are receiving gratings that are of superior quality with maximum durability and efficiency.\n', 'By Greg Ritchie Messenger Reporter GRAPELAND NUCOR/Vulcraft Plant Manager Chris Rice inherited the helm of a true institution in Houston County. The Vulcraft steel plant has seen generations of East Texans pass through its doors. The plant employs 500 people currently. It is part of the NUCOR company based in North Carolina. NUCOR started in the mid 1960s with several businesses including Vulcraft in South Carolina. Over a number of years, the company expanded to other locations and established itself in the steel business. Tired of buying steel from third parties, in 1969 NUCOR opened a steel mill to supply Vulcraft. More steel mills were built in other locations, including Nebraska and Jewett, Texas which directly supplies the Grapeland operation. The Grapeland plant traditionally took angle steel to turn it into joists. The plant now brings in sheet steel from NUCOR in Arkansas and turns it into deck. Only three years ago, a grating facility was added and all of the grating for the company was consolidated in Grapeland. The plant has the ability to make grating now from both the angle steel or sheet steel. The company finished 2021 with one of their best years ever due to supply problems around the world causing a steel shortage and increases in prices. Rice sat down to speak with the Messenger, a sign greeting visitors touted the 475 days the plant has gone without an injury something almost unheard of in an industrial setting. Rice worked in several NUCOR locations before coming to Grapeland last year. Rice and his family are thrilled to be living in East Texas. I worked in Midland for a while, but West Texas is not East Texas, Rice said. We love it here. Rice noted that East Texas is not only a great place to live it has proved a perfect place to find talented new team members. I will tell you something that stands out here. At some of the other divisions, it can take a long time to hire people. Here in this area for the type of people that NUCOR looks for we find them right away. And it doesnt feel like it will ever be tapped. The culture and the values here in this community are everlasting. Its phenomenal. Theres a reason that NUCOR is a special place. Its mostly because of our culture and our team. Its not for everybody. And thats ok. We absolutely look for a positive, can-do attitude. People who are excellent team players. You have to want to do something more than just go have a job. If all you are looking for is a job and a paycheck and you dont care about people it wont work. The safety culture is a big part of Rices message to the company. He is proud of the safety record and worries about his people not only at work, but everywhere in their lives. We are changing our safety environment. We are creating an environment where we say, No one gets hurt ever. That doesnt mean just this day or that crew. This team doesnt get hurt here, they dont get hurt at home. So when were gone, we have created an environment for the next generation for our kids and their kids they wont get hurt. The most stressful part of my job is worrying about someone having an injury. As many schools, churches and charities in the area will attest, NUCOR steps in when it can help the community. The Messenger itself has covered some of this charity work, but by no means all. Most of it is done quietly, without publicity. Thats a lot bigger than just me, Rice said. That culture was here long before me. I promise you, I am standing on the shoulders of giants at this place. I live and breathe it, too. I am passionate about it. We dont need recognition for it. We look to hire people who care about others. Its making change in a company and in a community. What we do is so much more than make joists, decking and grating. Were building a community, leaders men and women. The steel funds us. We are a business we have to make money. But who we are is much bigger than that. Greg Ritchie can be reached at email\xa0protected\n'
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30x5mm steel grating factories
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  1. 30x5mm steel grating factories

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  4. What size are grating sizes in MM?

    Light Duty steel grating ranges in size from 3/4quot; x 3/16quot; to 2-1/2quot; x 3/16quot;<> Heavy Duty steel grating ranges in size from 1quot; x 1/4quot; to 6quot; x 1/2quot;

  5. What does 19 W 4 grating mean?

    Standard gratings are typically available in 6m x 1m or 20\u2032 x 3\u2032 panels. They can be produced with almost any combination of pitch size. Most commonly this is 41mm x 100mm or 30mm x 100mm<>. Load bearing bars of width 20mm to 100mm and thickness 2mm to 10mm can be used.

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