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magnolia grateful metal sign

'The roads temporary fencing sales , parks and trails of the Tri-Town may look a little bit cleaner thanks to the efforts of volunteers and town employees who came out in force to pick up trash on Earth Day on Saturday, April 22. In Marion, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts met at Washburn park before they scattered around town to clean up anything they could find. According to event organizer Kristen Saint Don-Campbell, volunteers in previous years collected a few tons of garbage around town even a half-buried car. This year, with the help of the Marion Department of Public Works and Tabor Academy students, the scouts in Marion found old trash barrels, metal sign posts and many garbage bags-worth of trash. According to Saint Don-Campbell, Marion Select Board member Norm Hills reported that he found 144 nips, little plastic alcohol bottles, around the bridge to Wareham. Volunteers cleaning up Route 6 in Marion also found a large number of nips littering the roads along with baseball cards, soda cans and lottery tickets. My mom and I do this kind of thing a lot, said eleven-year-old Lily Cunha, who was cleaning up Route 6 with her friend Caroline Hilton, 12. We do a lot of beach cleanups and this sounded like fun I thought heck, if were going to hang out, lets clean together. At the Sippican School playground Elizabeth Schwebach, 10, found candy wrappers, parks and trails of the Tri-Town may look a little bit cleaner thanks to the efforts of volunteers and town employees who came out in force to pick up trash on Earth Day on Saturday china mesh fence , Girl Scouts Peyton Melanson and Mia Whinnem found water bottle caps, spoons and even a champagne bottle. Melanson said that turtles can choke and die on trash, and if the last turtle dies then they would be extinct. Meanwhile, in Rochester, the Womens Club joined forces with the Rochester Boy Scouts and the Highway Department to clean the streets for Earth Day. The Rochester Womens Club has been sponsoring an Earth Day clean-up for about 20 years, said event organizer and Womens Club member Marsha Hartley, who noticed that there was less trash on the roads than in previous years. We dont see so many mattresses and tires on the roads anymore, said Hartley. The highway department has been really vigilant about cleaning up the big items. Along with providing trash bags and gloves, Hartley also handed out wildflower seeds donated by the Rochester Conservation Commission for people to plant as they cleaned the streets. The Boy Scouts in Rochester put in some elbow-grease and cleaned up a partially-buried grill and rusted metal plates out of the dirt behind Gifford Park. Weve got a whole bag thats full of just metal, said Zachary Gagne, 12. A giant piece of rusty metal was buried under a tree. In Mattapoisett, the town-wide clean-up was organized by the Mattapoisett Public Library and people of all ages divided and conquered to clean the community. At first glance, volunteers were surprised by how little trash there was on the streets and in Shipyard Park. But on closer inspection, many little pieces could be found and collected. Every little piece of garbage counts for something, said Scott Schachter who came with his family to help clean up. There were areas with more trash, like bushes and shrubs that required more commitment to get the trash removed. Chris Cookie Smith, a member of the Mattapoisett Council on Aging walking group, was happy to dive into bushes. He exclaimed, look what I got! when he emerged with an empty plastic bottle or other larger trash items. Donna Smith, April 22. In Marion china stainless steel bar grating , explained that she was happy to come out with friends to clean up. This is part of our walking group who meets on Wednesdays, and we walk the village so we figured well help clean it up, she said. Over two hours about 65 volunteers were able to pick up an estimated 853 pounds of trash around Mattapoisett.\n', 'Published 5:45 am Wednesday, September 28, 2022 By Natchez Democrat Staff JT Robinson poses in front of property before new sign was put up. The owner of a once infamous Mississippi brothel made it known to the Natchez Preservation Commission that he will not be a part of the good ole boy system that is trying to punish him over the dilapidated condition of the historic property, A newly painted sign appeared this week in front of the house at 416 N. Rankin St., once the home of a famous Natchez madam. The new sign reads Natchez, where the old South still lives; I will see you in court! Andy Sartin. Sartin chairs Natchezs Preservation Commission. Get the latest news sent to your inbox JT Robinson, the houses owner, said he erected the new sign in response to comments about the house which were made at a recent Natchez Preservation Commission meeting. The sign replaces one erected in 2021 by Robinson. That sign said Nellie Jacksons House restoration beginning; Please, no trespassing. Police enforced. Robinson said he put the original sign there to deter vandals and inspire the Natchez community so that they would know, Nellies is not lost. With the new sign, Robinson said he intends to send another message. They didnt appreciate the old one, Robinson said. I feel like what (the preservation commission) did to me was a violation of my civil rights. I want to send a clear message. Im not a member of the good ole boys and I never have been. Robinson first started taking steps in 2019 to restore the house which had been home to Jacksons brothel. He has said his goal is to reopen Nellies as a tourist attraction, a bed and breakfast or possibly a museum honoring its original owner, whose business was legendary throughout the South until she died when a disgruntled man set fire to the home. Last week, the house became the topic of discussion at a Natchez Preservation Commission meeting when chairman Sartin moved to have the property added to an\xa0adjudication list. Robinson was attending the meeting for another matter but was asked to speak about his plans and progress on restoring the Rankin Street property. Robinson\xa0was warned that if he allows the house to deteriorate further, he could face a demolition-by-neglect process, Boy Scouts welded wire mesh for fence , which he was not summoned to but attended for another reason. He also said he recently made efforts to replace the front porch, add new columns and restore electricity to the house after a lengthy legal process of getting the house deeded to his name. Efforts to reach Sartin were unsuccessful on Tuesday. This story will continue to be updated with more information.\n', "Gardeners know that perennials, plants that go dormant in the winter then return to blossom in the spring, have strong root systems and a hardy composition that helps them persist from year to year. While no actual steel magnolia grows in the wild, there are few perennials with as much persistent appeal on the American stage as Richard Harlings tragicomedy, Steel Magnolias. Why does this show, set to open at Virginia Reps Hanover Tavern stage on Oct. 14th, continue to delight audiences even though it is set firmly in 1980s-era Louisiana? Strong roots and hardy composition. I think its one of those things thats ageless, says Julie Fulcher-Davis, director of the Virginia Rep production. Its about universal behaviors: the strength of women and the tenderness of women. Those types of things dont change, I dont think. Steel Magnolias premiered on stage in 1987 but what really cemented the story in the countrys psyche was the 1989 movie featuring a slate of huge stars, including Dolly Parton, Julia Roberts, and Sally Field. The story follows six women who live in Chinquapin Parish, Louisiana, and who regularly gather in Truvys beauty salon to gossip, argue and bond with each other. If revisiting rural Louisiana where the women are as delicate as magnolias but as tough as steel isnt enough of a draw, one aspect of this production should peak the interest of local theater-goers: the professional debut of actress Nakia Young-EL in the role of Annelle. I have been wanting to get back into theater for some time but the timing just hasnt been right, says Young-EL. My husband and I just purchased a new house last month and were really setting down roots here. My husband said, If this is something you really want to do, go for it. I love her, shes amazing! says Fulcher-Davis. When you cast a newcomer, you have to think: their resume is good, their audition was great, but youre still going to have to build a new relationship. That process happened with great ease with Nakia. Though its been 14 years since shes been on stage, Young-EL says theater was her first love. She acted from elementary school through high school while growing up in Maryland. She entered Kent State University as a theater major where she had to take a costume design class freshman year. The course included a lab that was two hours of sewing and learning costume design techniques and I absolutely loved it, she says. So I took that as a sign from God that maybe thats what Im supposed to be doing. She ended up graduating with a degree in fashion design. After moving to Richmond in 2019 and the birth of her second son, Young-EL set up her own fashion design consulting business, helping aspiring designers through the entire product development process I work with them starting with their initial sketches, she explains, Then I take them through sourcing the fabrics, creating the patterns, sewing samples, then producing a small batch of their designs. The demands of raising a three-year old and her personalized consulting approach has her overextended so shes pausing her business while diving back into theater. Getting back on stage just feels natural, Young-EL says. It helps that the rest of the cast is amazing and Julie is amazing. They really have welcomed me with open arms. The only nerve-wracking part is being new to the community, she continues. Growing up in Maryland, I performed all over the place and people knew me. For Richmond, Im a new face and I want to show my value to the local community. Fulcher-Davis has no such anxieties. I cant say enough good things about her, she says. People are going to love her. Steel Magnolias opened at Hanover Tavern, 13181 Hanover Courthouse Rd. Hanover, VA, on Oct. 14th and runs through Nov. 13th. Tickets and information available at Virginia Rep's website .\n"
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magnolia grateful metal sign
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    The most common method of hanging metal art is , using a drill to install screws and bolts, . You can also hang metal wall art using heavy-duty Command Hooks or Strips for a no nail option., Dec 13, 2021

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